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Partnering with cusbi has provided our customers with the power to create clear business insights for their clients.

Partnering with cusbi has provided our customers with the power to create clear business insights for their clients.

Dutch municipalities using cusbi products for parking capacity management

Capacity management

Some 15 years ago a large Dutch municipality wanted to create clear insights in usage of their parking facilities. The challenge was that data was scattered over many different sources and formats.
Together with industry consultants cusbi co-founded the parking data analysis company Monit. As technology partner cusbi provided our Data Processing Application and a customized Customer Interface. Our solution provides up-to-date insights in parking usage and incident management.
Many municipalities have followed and Monit is now the market leader in the Netherlands. Over 20 municipalities use cusbi’s SaaS solution for managing their strategical and operational parking decisions.

Cusbi customer Monit data. Monit uses cusbi products for parking management in Dutch municipalities.
Pension fund administrator uses cusbi products for KPI reporting

KPI reporting

AZL manages the administration of several pension funds. Each fund has Key Performance Indicators (KPI) defined.  AZL wanted to further improve quality and reduce costs in reporting on these KPI’s.
Cusbi’s Data Processing Application was implemented to daily process data from multiple systems and create a unified data model.
The cusbi Customer Interface is accessible for AZL users. They can directly configure and retrieve reports on KPI’s for the fund administration.

AZL now has the capability to generate automated daily reports and at the same time achieve a 50% reduction in resources required.

Cusbi customer AZL. AZL uses cusbi’s product to measure KPI’s for pension fund administration.

Improve your reporting performance

Clear presentation

Information is available in a clear graphical interface. For additional detail tables and spreadsheets are available.

Get insights

Discover sales opportunities or cost savings by optimizing usage. Or measure your processes and see your performance against KPI’s.

Integrate information

Cusbi can integrate our reporting tools fully into your existing systems and portals.

No new applications for your users to learn.

Control information

Reports are directly accessible by users. No need for external suppliers to generate the information you need to control your business.


Easily change your information structure with the option to directly adapt your masterdata.

Combine sources

Our connectors collect data from your multiple sources and transform this to an unified structure. No manual and time consuming actions needed.

Quality control

Cusbi’s solution recognizes if bad data is collected and prevents loss of quality in your reports. Our team will take pro-active measures to correct these occurrences.


With our inhouse solution we can quickly and cost-efficient customize our solution to any changes. We’re not dependent on third party suppliers.


Our cloud based solution is easily scaleable with increasing data sizes and growing information requirements.

'BI in the blood'

Cusbi is highly experienced in building BI solutions and are proven leaders in applying the latest technology. Our solution is the result of over 10 years of evolution.


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