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A highly experienced team – with a fresh new name


Our professionals have a successful track record of providing customers with Data Engineering solutions for over 20 years.

Our professionals have a successful track record of providing customers with Data Engineering solutions for over 20 years.

Who are we?

We are a group of passionate and highly skilled data engineers driven to build better products every day. In the early days we used SAS and Informatica as our main data processing tooling. In 2010 we started to build our own processing engine and migrated to Python. This gave us the power for a much cleaner integration of our data processing application and customer interface.

The further advantage is that we can use the best practices in testing, build and deploy methods and use the cloud to scale up. This all leads to quicker lead times, higher flexibility and less costs in solving your business insights challenges.

How do we work?

Our starting point in working together with our customers is to first establish a ‘good fit’. First and foremost our goal is to add significant value to your business.

We deliver results quickly by using agile principals in our product development. We create a custom plan for each specific customer, by analysing the requirements, source API’s and systems. Based on our extensive experience a key success factor in the requirements is to establish a common set of definitions of how to measure your business.

With most of our customers our relationship continues after the initial deployment of our solution. We can provide continuous support and upgrades, and can update our roadmap with more features to add further business growth and value.

Our Team

Maarten Zaanen

Maarten Zaanen

Managing Partner

I have been active in the creation of software products for some 40 years, mostly hands-on. Many technologies have come and gone in that time but none of them were as interesting or productive as the technical stack we are working with today. 

Besides the technological aspects I love to see how properly thought out and executed applications solve problems which in turn makes people happy (one of them being me).

Creating good software requires various talents: understanding the problem, good communication skills with the customer and within the build team, command of the technology and gut feeling of what works and what not (this last item is called “experience”). At cusbi we believe we fit the bill.

Arco Zaanen

Arco Zaanen

Partner | Director of Products

Arco has a long history in the data engineering field at various positions. He loves the work and the speed at which change is happening right now.

He closely follows the trends in software development and likes to push the boundaries and build high quality products that customers love.

Next to the technology side of things he has good knowledge of setting up roadmaps to maximise the business value and executing them.

Marco Oskam

Marco Oskam

Senior Data Engineer

Marco has over 20 years of experience with business intelligence and working with large amounts of data. He loves to convert the information needs of a customer in data transformations and creating turnkey reports.

Menno Verschuur

Menno Verschuur

Business Development

My drive is helping our customers create sustainable succes for their business using cusbi’s advanced data engineering solutions.

As an engineer and self-confessed geek I am fascinated by all aspects of technology. But what really interests me is how you can apply technology to solve business challenges. Such as seeing a cusbi client using our solution to create better insights in parking behaviour and thereby improving the liveability of our cities.

I have over 10 years of sales & marketing experience in Enterprise IT services at a leading telco. Next to that I have worked and lived internationally for several years.

I call Amsterdam home, and am a passionate world traveller, scuba diver and also enjoy other applications of technology such as great sounding hi-fi and fine watches.​


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